The saying goes time is a valuable thing… Time is irreplaceable. Time is unstoppable. How do you spend your time? During your breaks at work what are you doing? Every minute counts. Every minute can be life changing. While I am in my twenties I find myself hungry… I want to travel. I want to […]


By: Sydney Stephens (The Sweetly Co.) If I asked you to name what you could not live without you might answer something like “my phone,” “wifi,” or “Netflix.” And if we are honest with ourselves, we probably would find it difficult to live without those things but if we HAD to, we would make it […]


People pleasers. Our downfall is letting others people’s opinion affect us. We allow people to define us. We allow people to say who we are. We would do anything to make others happy even if it hinders us. We want everyone to like us and be pleased with whatever we are doing. We become perfectionist […]