Can Christians get offended? In the world today people wear the feelings on their sleeves. Emotions are high. It seems people actually enjoy arguing. There is always an on going debate between people. It has become a sport. The one that can offend the other person more gets the highest score. Should Christians participate in […]


Hundred times or more I have set goals. In fact , I set a goal to have this written yesterday ,but it never happened. Do you do the same thing? Everyday we make plans to accomplish different tasks. We become more and more frustrated ,because we never meet our goals. These tasks become our life. […]


My heart has been heavy. Everywhere I look I don’t see unity. I see arguments , hate towards one another ,and angry in many people’s hearts. There is not division just in this world,but among Christians. Division in churches. Division in families. Division in communities. I searched the word of God on “division.” I thought […]