Reading the book The Power of a Habit I have learned that creating a habit isn’t as hard as we make it seem.

In the book, The Power of a Habit the writer talks about three cycles we go through to create a Habit :

1. Cue: this is what triggers your brain to so something.

2. Routine: the action or behavior

3. Reward: the prize

I say it is easy to create a habit because we do it all the time. For instance, if you are traveling to work and you keep getting stuck in traffic every day. Then that triggers something in your brain that you should leave earlier to get to work.

Then after doing this for a week or so it slowly becomes your routine. Your reward is not getting written up for being late every day.

Small moments like this in our lives create habits we do not even realize.

And this is where the problem is…

We have created bad habits in our lives that we may not even realize.

For me, something I have been struggling with is my “Me Time”.

We all have said this before “ I need some much-needed Me Time”.

“Me Time” for me turns into “Wasted Time”.

Yes, it is okay to take a break and you should take a break, but a break isn’t wasting a Saturday binge-watching Netflix shows.

The moments where I wasted time laying in bed instead of going to the gym like I planned I began to create a habit.

The habit to relax instead of trying to become healthy.

The habit of saying I’ll start tomorrow.

I’ll do better next week.

Realize the good and bad habits you have created in your life. Try to replace the bad ones with good ones.

He will render to each one according to his works. Romans 2:6

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