Infertility Awareness

Six percent of married women are unable to get pregnant and twelve percent of married women find it hard to become pregnant and carry full term. Info from:

For seven months I have been trying to become pregnant . For awhile I didn’t think I wanted to have kids. I would go back and forth with the idea. I would think about the world we are living in and how difficult it would be to bring a into this world. After talking to a couple the had a second child , because the next generation needs God fearing people.

After thinking about it we began trying…

Me being naive I thought I should get pregnant the very first month or at least the second month of trying. After the fourth month of trying I thought okay this might take some time.

I then started to realize the heartache some women must have when trying to have a baby. The waiting and waiting to see if this is the month it will happen and then it doesn’t has to be heart breaking.

One month I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Four days of being late I became excited and nervous of the probability of being pregnant . Then after taking three more pregnancy test they came out negative. It was heartbreaking …

I think going through this help me put myself in other women’s shoes and have some understanding of what they go through. So many women just want to see those two lines so badly.

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Some products that I have been using during this time is:

1. Pink Stork Fertility Vitamins

2. Fertility Tea

3. Book: Beyond the Pill

4. Moon Balance

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