Turning your Passion toward your Gift

“Your gift is the thing you do your absolute best with the least amount of effort” – Steve Harvey

One thing I am passionate about is trying to make home cooked meals for my husband and I. I rather know what we are putting into our bodies rather than assume.

Does this mean I should become a chef?

If I would even attempt to become a chef I would fail horribly.

Does this mean not to have a passion ?

Of course not!

But your passion should most definitely go towards your gift.

Being passionate toward your gift will keep that fire within you going…

It can help you overcome the doubt you may have to move forward with you gift. Passion motivates you to overcome any challenges that you may face. Passion gives you determination.

Pray that God will help put a passion within you for the gift He blessed you with.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:21


  1. Love this! I have a passion for so many different things and hobbies. But my passion for Jesus is the most important thing to me. That should be what it all boils down too.
    Your words are so true and impactful!

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