Worthless Things

Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
preserve my life according to your word. – Psalms 119:37

So many moments in my life I wish I prayed this prayer…

Every moment where I lived in my will and not God’s.

Every moment where I thought I knew what was best for me and not God.

Every moment I waste time on things that were not my talent.

Every moment I waste time on things that were not my purpose.

Where would I be at today if I did turn my eyes from worthless things?

March 2012 I sat in a professor’s office to go over my plans for college.

Before visiting this professor I took a test that would help determine what career path is best for me.

At the time my degree was in nursing, and my mind was made up.

The professor pulled my test scores out and began to ask me why I wanted to be a nurse.

For two minutes my mind went blank. She then told me we can sit here all day if we need to until I answered.

Why did I want to be a nurse again?

I couldn’t think of an answer. I was frozen.

Finally, I formed an answer in my mind. I told her when my grandmother was passing away I was by her bedside. I gave her the medication she needed. I washed her up. I keep her cool. I washed the sweat off of her face. I made sure she had her favorite Gospel song was playing. I rub her arm. I held her hand.

Then it got quiet again. Then I told her I just want to help people.

She smiled and told me she likes to help people too. She then said she trying to actually help me right now.

Sometimes in our minds, we form good ideas but not God’s ideas.

We are so focused on the outcome that we are missing the plan God has laid out for us.

Stay focused on God and He will direct your steps.


  1. Setting our minds on things above. Sometimes it’s so hard to discern, but if we read His Word and listen to Him, we can hear Him and know His will.

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