Wherever you are there you are. Be fruitful right where you are planted. – Mark Batterson

We hear sayings like Make the most of something or get the most out of it. It is hard to sometimes focus on the positive in when you feel like you are drowning in the negative things around you.

It’s like you are reaching for a goal that no longer exists.

I had this recent experience with my finances.

I had everything planned out to the penny for this month then, of course, a bill came out of nowhere, then another one. In my frustration, I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Of course, this would happen! Right when I finally had my savings account built back up!

The next morning I began my day in prayer as usual and I started to thank God for all His blessings… Then He spoke to me…

He said you are not really grateful for the things I have given you. I stopped and thought about that and well we all know God is always right.

How many people would love to be able to save just a little money here and there? I am blessed to be able to afford to save money here and there.

Money is such a temporary thing. Life situations are such a temporary thing. Something that matters today could change tomorrow. Do not let the distraction of this world keep you from moving forward.

Ever since I can remember my husband has had the same screensaver on his phone.

The quote on the screensaver is ”do something today that your future self will thank you for” .

That is such an amazing quote to go by, but yet we let day by day go by without thinking of our future self.

Why do we not use the tools that we have today to get us to our future self?

Is it that we lack time, motivation, support, money, or experience?

Or is it that we are full of excuses?

I could use the excuse that I fear becoming broke holding me back from investing my money in things that I want to accomplish.

We can have excuse after excuse, but that will just get us through another day with no accomplishments.

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