“You do not need people to validate your gift , you were gifted before they met you”.  – TD Jakes

We live in a society where people continually have the urge to validate themselves. We constantly see pictures on social media of people showing off their talents , money , beauty ,  new outfits , bodies , or maybe even where they traveled.

People even think if they do not show their last meal on social media than did it even count?

We live in a time where people do not want to be different , but they rather compare themselves to others. We rather be the best than to be different.

With everyone comparing themselves to one another we become unauthentic. We are not ourselves.

Why are people so guarded about being themselves?

Why do we feel like we have to follow other people’s footsteps in the latest trends?

Psychologist say that one of the biggest common phobia people have is Social Phobia ( Social Anxiety Disorder). About 6.8 % of the US population are affected by Social Anxiety Disorder.   That is about 15 Million People.

AT The age of 18 I went to the doctor to Describe how I feel on a daily basis.

I would have fear that comes over me before going to school. I have a fear of being around crowds. When I see a building full of people I want to go into the opposite direction. I actually became home schooled in high school ,because I would dread everyday.

Meeting new people makes me feel like I am about to have a panic attack.  I can not look people in the eye without feeling awkward. I asked my doctor if I was just crazy for thinking this way. He said no. He told me I just describe Social Anxiety to a T.

Some people may think that people with social phobia are weird ,crazy ,or over dramatic , but at least we have 15 million people we can relate to.

So what are people actually fearing when they feel this way?

They are fearing being judged , embarrassment , giving bad first impressions , and being made fun of.

Social media impacts people with social phobia , because all people want to do is compare ourselves to others. The constant question that we  ask ourselves… How could I ever be like them?

We want to be like everyone else to avoid being judged , embarrassed , giving bad first impressions , and being made fun of.

Some point in our lives we have to realize God called us as christian to be creators. We should be the trendsetters.

You can not be a creator or a trendsetter by comparing yourself to others. You have to be yourself. The person God created you to be.

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