The Seeds we Plant

Reading the book Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson  I  learned about Elizabeth Fry.

Elizabeth Fry was often refereed to as the ” Angel of prisons”.

During the 1700 and 1800’s women prisons were over crowded with both women and their children.

This was made know to Elizabeth when she visited the New Gate Prison.

She would actually stay the night in these prisons to get the full experience these women faced. Elizabeth would invite the wealthy people to experience this with her.

Elizabeth Fry decide to bring food and clothing to these women and children. She also started schooling for the children of the prisoners.

She was the first women to go before British Parliament to speak on the terrible conditions in the women prisons.

Elizabeth did not stop there. She then opened nightly shelters for  people sleeping on the street.

You can say Elizabeth Fry was a kind , giving , thoughtful , and compassionate person.

Elizabeth Fry past away October 12 ,1845 ,but does that mean her story ends there?

In 1837 a woman named by Florence Nightingale felt a calling from God to become a nurse.

Five years before passing away in 1840 Elizabeth Fry started a school for nurses to train.

This schools just so happened to be one of the schools Florence Nightingale attended.

Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing.

After working only a year at a London Hospital Florence was promoted to the head nurse.

She Improved the conditions in the hospital so much she gained a reputation of being an advocate for public health.

Sydney Herbert reached out to Nightingale during the Crimean War. Many soldiers were dying.

The soldiers were not dying from their actually wounds ,but the infections they had. The soldier’s conditions were very unsanitary.

Nightingale made sure the soldiers got healthy food , clean sheets , and clean bandages  everyday to name a few things she did for them.

Nightingale reduce the death rate in the military hospitals by 2/3.

Elizabeth Fry gave and planted seeds into other’s lives. When people plant seeds into  other’s lives their story goes into the person they planted seeds into.

Our story does not have to end at death , but it can continue through someone else’s story.

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