They are God’s

Have You ever have a nightmare that was so real that you wake up and think it is real…

One night I woke up screaming “NO!” , my heart was racing.

I turned over and He was still there sound asleep.

I wrapped my arms around my husband and began to cry. Maybe it was relief that the nightmare was not real and he was still alive… or maybe I was crying , because for a second I realized how life would be without him.

As days have pasted after night I began to think. What would I do if Josh was not here?

Then the real question: Could I survive without him? Hmm..

In Acts chapter 20 Paul meets with the Ephesian Elders.

Paul was letting them know that He was going to Jerusalem.

When telling them this they started to grieve , because they knew they would never see Paul again.

We do not always know when we are no longer going to see someone.

Sometimes we grow apart from people.

Sometimes life gets in way of our relationships

We then wonder why God placed them in our lives for just a season.

In the story Paul did not go there just to tell the elders that he was going to Jerusalem. He also went there to give them guidance on how to live for God.

People can be in your life just to give you guidance for a season. The problem with that is we become dependent on these people.

We may become more dependent on them than we are with God.

With every problem we may face we go to these people seeking answers , but  do we seek answers from God first?

We are so impatient when it comes to waiting on a answer.

We want the answer right then and there.

I became dependent on my friends and my husband . I constantly ask them what should I do ,because I can not stand the unknown. 

These people do not belong to me… what if God decided to remove them for my life? Am I committed enough to God to keep moving forward?

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  1. The first line in your writing caught my attention. Ever since I’ve started my journey in prayer, He has taught me a lot in my dreams such as instructing me on things I could & could not say in prayer; He has also revealed to me demonic powers working against me & my loved ones. Two years before my daughter was born, He showed us of her impending arrival, and even to the extent of what her name is to be. He also named my son – who is yet to arrive :). I’ve had a few nightmarish dreams just as you described yours, and usually wake my wife and we would unite in prayer because sometimes the dreams are prophetic in nature and are revelations of what the evil one has in store for us if we do not stand against his plans in Jesus’ name. Blessings.

  2. This is a very interesting read. I received a prophesy about six years ago and the prophet told me that God was going to remove the fence from around me. We know that fences are meat to protect, keep outside elements out, etc. The prophet told me God was going to build a fence around me and open some doors. There were some very good news in the prophesy but some that made me very uneasy. The unknown can be scary. As the years have passed I’ve lost some very dear people who were very important in my life. One of them being my dad ( my fence)! I couldn’t have ever imagined the day would come so soon that I would not have my dad, my fence, my protector, my bank, my “always there”. It’s been a hard journey but God has shown himself to be who he is. When my dad left I immediately reflected back to the prophesy. God does only give us people for a season and a reason. We must learn to put God first in all things because once that persons’ season is up in our lives God will still be there attending to our every need and blessing us continuously as he always have!

    1. A daughter and dad relationship is a very precious relationship! Dads are daughters’ safety net. But knowing that we also have a Heavenly Father watching over us is all we need! The everlasting Father.

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