What is something you are hoping to happen in your life?

What are some big plans you have in mind?

What have envisioned in your mind?

You are trying to walk down the road that will lead you to your Destination , but you can not seem to make it.

The story of Paul was always interest me. Here is this man ,Saul, was walking down a road to attacking Christians and then BAM! God stops him in his tracks by blinding him.

That is quite a way to get someone attention.

I always wondered why God had to blind Saul…

I started to think about the things we see daily in our life and a verse came to mind Hebrews 11:1.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Sometime we depend on our eyesight too much. I think God has to blind us sometimes. Not literally ,but sometimes He has to blind us from our truth so We can see His.

Saul was traveling around from city to city attacking Christians. After God changed Him He went to city to city speaking God’s word.

You can say His Motives definitely changed!

Saul went from attacking God’s children to willingly suffer for the Lord.

“for I will show him how much he must suffer for My name’s sake.” Acts 9:16

Now, I know that Saul is an extreme example of someone who doesn’t have the right motives ,but I think He had such a powerful transformation.

We wonder why we can never get the blessing we desire so much…. do we ever stop to think what are our motives for wanting that blessing?

Is it money?

Is it popularity?

Is it to gain self confidence?

I have little notebooks filled with my writing as a kid. I knew at a early age the love I had for writing. It was a great passion ,but was my passion pure?

I began writing this blog maybe four years ago and I was not getting the Financial blessing I wanted from my writing.

My desire for writing started to fade away. I then was focus was solely on making money.

It took til this year to have a moment like Saul did when he became blind.

God put a new desire in me. He purified my passion.

That new desire is to study His word more than ever. God wants me to focus on touching others lives by writing about His word.

God had to “blind me” to understand that suffering for His name sake is rewarding in the end.

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