When I think of a visionary the story Noah pops in my mind. Even as a kid I was fascinated with the story about Noah , because I would always give up so easily. Noah on the other hand just keep building his ark for many years.

Noah can seem like a relatable character when it comes to the “waiting part” in life.

There is nothing like feeling God calling you deeper And pushing to pursue the purpose He has for you. We see the visions and we dream the dreams. We become so passionate and excited about what He has in store for us …,but there is only one question to be answered…when??

I can picture Noah putting the ark together piece by piece. I imagine he had his vision in his mind of what the ark would look like completed.

Noah probably thought about the Ark coasting on top of waves. He probably thought about how safe his family would be locked up in the inside.

But the question “when?”

When reading the story of Noah as a kid I tend to skip the verses that describe the ark and how large it was. I always skimmed over it to get to toward the end of the story. When I look at the story today I realized how big the ark was and how it took Noah many years to build it. I began to think of how tired he must have been , but I also began to think of how committed He was.

You can let the vision to motivate you or frustrate you. You can let it push you to keep you going or allow you to give up , because you can not fully commit.

Noah held on to God’s promise. When we hold on to God’s promises we will eventually see the rain fall from the sky and our ark will float on top of the water.

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