Simple : easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

Proverbs 1:22 “How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple? How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge?”

A simple life…

People long for a simple life. We hear people say things like “ I want the simple things in life” or “ I am thankful for the simple things in life.”

Why is this?

I think people rather a simple life , because it is safe ,  convenient , and an easy goal.

When I think of a simple life I think of Mary.

Mary was a normal girl getting married. She was planning for a simple life until God stopped her in her tracks.

God took her simple life and turned it around.

God asked marry to carry a baby , but not just any baby. Mary carried our ,Lord and Savior, Jesus in her womb for nine months. She felt Him kick and move around inside of her.

Mary chosed to live a different life . Maybe you can even say a sacrificing life. Despite of what what others might think or even what her future husband might think Mary was willing to sacrifice. She was willing to sacrifice her body , her reputation , and her own desires.

Mary was a willing vessel.

I remember as a child I had notebooks filled with “short lessons”. I would fill my notebooks with my writing then hide my notebooks so no one would read them.

The enemy would love to kill your creativity. He wants to be ashamed of your passion. He wants you to be simple and average.

The world will make you feel weird or the odd ball for doing something different.

This life is not our own…

If you feel like God is calling you deeper then go deeper…



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