I have been studying to book of Job. This story in the Bible speaks to me , because we all have been in a situation where we do not know how we got there or why we are even in it the situation. It just sorta happens out of nowhere…

I think that is what caught me attention about this book in the Bible. It is not the his positions or his family member Job lost that really sparked my interested in the story , but how he must have felt.

We all know that feeling we get when the rug has been pulled from underneath our feet.

I can imagine he felt shocked , hopeless , angry, lost , confused , and helpless.

When you see everything around you starting to fall apart your emotions start to deceive you. You do not see a way out . You feel trapped.

Your emotions can get the best of you. Your emotions can trick your mind.

Reading Job chapter 3 Job was talking about how he wished he was not even born.

When your mind no longer has peace you slowly start wanting to give up. You have the “There is no point ” attitude.

Have you ever felt that way?

In moments like that who are you surrounding yourself with?

You see Job had three ” Friends”. His friends were their to console him. While consoling him they accused him of wrong doing. They believe that Job must have sinned in order to deserve the tragedy that happen to him.

People can pull you down more or try to lift you up.

Friends can tell you to keep going or make the situation worse.

Job’s friend seen him at his lowest point in his life , and while at his lowest point they accuse him of doing wrong.

Do you have people in your life that are helping hand?

Do you have people encouraging you not to give up?

When it seems like everything is going against you and putting negative thoughts in you mind… Do you have people in your life trying to put positive ones?

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