Risking it All

What stops us from taking risks?

We make these big plans and goals , but what prevents us from pursuing  them?

I remember when starting this blog website I was excited about it , but I didn’t want anyone to read it. I have a fear of what people might think. I really did not want people who knew me to read my writing.

I think the biggest risk in taking a leap of faith is Risking your Reputation.

What keeps us in our box is our fear of what others might think of us. The feeling of being judged or rejected can be the worst feeling. Nothing can compare to feeling like you are not good enough.

People often judge other people for stepping out and doing something different , because that means they can do the same thing. People do not like it when others mess with their comfort zone or their routines.

Small minded people get small results.

Kingdom minded people think outside the box .

Luke 7 : 36 – 38

The woman with the alabaster jar of perfume took a risk. She went to a party full of religious people to give Jesus the greatest thing she owned.

I am sure she was judged and ridiculed by the  Pharisees , but her step of faith got Jesus attention.

While religious people focus on rules. Kingdom minded people are focusing on what is   the one thing they can  risk to move them closer to Jesus.

What can you take a risk on to get yourself and others to draw closer to Jesus?

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