Your Isaac

What is your Isaac?

What is that one thing you love so much?

What defines you?

Motives you?

What do you take pride in?

Would you lay it on the altar and sacrifice it?

Abraham wanted a son for years. He prayed to God asking to bless him with one. After Getting the son that was promised to Abraham God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

This story reminds me of when my husband and I decided to get married. After three years of dating, we decided let’s make a big step. September the 22nd 2018 we said our vows for better or worse we would stick together. My husband became my Isaac. It took three years for me to finally call him my husband, my family, and my other half.

We prayed and fasted for three years we said our dos.

Months into our marriage fear came over me. I didn’t want to be another marriage that end. Another broken home. My husband and I do NOT speak the same love language. I am my romantic and he… well he is not. I am more creative while he is more realistic. After three years of dating, I thought I knew my husband. I thought my fairy tale began after we said our vows.

Reality hit. Marriage isn’t a fairy tale all the time.

Day after day I thought I was failing as a wife. Both of us Working a full-time job and having other priorities after work I began to become frustrated.

I wanted to cook and clean for my husband. I wanted to spend time with him. I wanted to perfect image of a marriage.

I wanted to miss pray meeting and church service because I wanted to do something at home for or with my husband. I just wanted the family I never had.

I became frustrated with responsibility , life and frankly I become frustrated with God. I became overwhelmed with not have enough time in a day.

After reading All In God put conviction on my heart.

It was like he was asking me…

What is really important to you?

Do earthly things matter to you more?

Are you willing to lay your marriage down?

Are you willing to lay your husband down?

Now, when I say lay them down I don’t mean physically sacrifice them, but more so spiritually.

Was I ready to lay it all down so God can pick it up?

I have learned any sacrifice to God doesn’t go unnoticed. That time I spent with God doesn’t go wasted. I began to feel more peace in my life.

The first time I opened my Bible in two weeks it gave me encouragement!

Taking in His word and spending time With God will give you the peace you need. God will take care of it all. He will make time for the things you need if you make time for Him!

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