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Follow vs Leader

What sets them apart?

How are they are so different?

How do you know which one you are?

The answer to that is simple.

Ask yourself this are you making a path or you walking in the path?

Leaders are the ones who make the path for others. You can always see the difference between leaders and followers.

Leaders are always thinking a step ahead. They are always creating something new. They are always seeking new ideas. They are always hungry for more.

Moses knew in order to find the right diction he needed to put his full focus on God. That is why he went up Mount Sinai.

Real leaders know all answers come from God. While followers try to find their answers through leaders.

That is why when Moses went up Mount Sinai the Israelites were desperate for a leader, so they made a golden calf.

While the Israelites were trying to seek help from anything they can see with their own eyes.

Followers act in proof of what someone shows them. Leaders act in Faith.

Not only do leaders form and create new ideas. They know when is the right time they should put their plans into action.

Leaders know the importance on waiting on the Lord. They know not to move just because everyone does. They know God’s ways are higher.

What does it take to be a leader?

That answer is simple too…


It takes your time.

It takes your money.

It takes you out of your comfort zone.

It takes away some of your relationships.

It takes effort.

It takes every bit of your energy.

It takes all of you.

Being a leader means to give yourself completely away.

You give away pride.

You give away selfishness.

You give away fleshly desires.

You give away fear.

You give away doubt.

You constantly give, give, and give.

What is left after giving everything away?

There is just God and you left. No room for anything else.

Leaders are always making sacrifices. The more they sacrifice the farther God can take them. Leaders know when they find a true propose they must stripe themselves of themselves, so God can fill them with something new…

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