The saying goes time is a valuable thing…

Time is irreplaceable.

Time is unstoppable.

How do you spend your time?

During your breaks at work what are you doing?

Every minute counts. Every minute can be life changing.

While I am in my twenties I find myself hungry…

I want to travel. I want to be financially stable. I want a family. A house. I want to have great experiences.

Now that I at the halfway mark to thirty and not all my goals are fulfilled… then I think where has the time gone.

We have so many hang ups , break ups heart breaks ,and disappoints all we are left with is frustration and exhaustion.

If we are not careful we will allow these things to weigh heavy on us.

In Genesis 39 talks about a guy many of you know… Joseph. I have recently been studying Joseph and honestly been fascinated by him.

Joseph was wrongly accused by his master’s wife and sent to prison.

Sometimes others cause our setbacks , but we are the cause of staying there.

God still had favor over Joseph.

In a bad situation God can always find a way to use you.

Joseph could have easily gave up and just stayed a Prisoner. He could have look at the situation he was in and gave up.

God’s favor is what keep Joseph going. He knew this was not the end of his destiny.

Joseph became over all the prisoners in jail.

Joseph knew despite his Circumstances he was still a leader.

Joseph then gained trust with the pharaoh. Joseph interpret the pharaoh’s dreams.

God see what we do with our time in bad situations and hard circumstances. This allows God to see if we will use the resources He gives us now.

After Joseph gained trust from the pharaoh he was in control of Egypt. In Genesis 41 :57 it stated that People from around the world came to Joseph for food.

We all can waste time in the prison we keep ourselves in or we can make use of the resources God has given us at this time. God wants to put us into the position where we are helping the world , but it is up to us to prepare ourselves for that day.

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