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If I asked you to name what you could not live without you might answer something like “my phone,” “wifi,” or “Netflix.” And if we are honest with ourselves, we probably would find it difficult to live without those things but if we HAD to, we would make it work. If I asked what basic needs could you, as a human, not live without you might say “food,” “water,” or “oxygen.” And you would be right – we could only last for a certain amount of time without these things. But, if asked what you could not live without….would God ever come to mind?

What if I asked you what you could not go a single day without? You might give me similar answers to the first question….but, again… would God cross your mind? Would His word, His presence, and His love be one of the things you listed? Maybe all of those things would come to mind for you…but are you placing them in the right category? Do you truly believe you could fully live a single day without them?

Do you categorize God and time with Him as a “wifi” sort of necessity or do you count Him in the “oxygen” category? So many of us treat the Lord, and the time we should spend with Him, as something very much like our cell phones and our streaming services. We choose time with Him when we can, when the circumstances are right, and when we feel empty. Sometimes we choose Him because there is simply nothing else to do – nothing more interesting to take up our time. But what if we thought of God like the air we breathe? Something we need CONSTANTLY. What if time with Him were like an oxygen tank and if we let it grow empty then we would literally die? What if His presence was thought of as the one single thing we needed every single second to have life?

If God were our air, our lives would look completely different. If spending time with Him was what kept us alive then most of us would do whatever it takes every day to make sure that happens – no excuse on earth could keep us away. We can deny ourselves food, even when we are hungry. We can even deny ourselves hydration. Doing so would certainly cause issues…but we could do it for a little while. But air? We might last all of 5 minutes without it – if we’re lucky. If we thought of Him as air, rather than something “extra,” then we would place our relationship with Him at the very top of our priority list.

Too often, God falls into the “extra” category. He is stacked alongside hobbies, material items, distractions, and technology. Some of us do just a little better and place Him with the “important” things like our friendships, careers, marriages, and ministries. Yet, still…that isn’t good enough. That is still not where He belongs. There is only one throne in our heart and it can only hold one thing – yet it is too large to be filled by spouses, children, or even ministries. In the same way…we could fill our lungs with many things but unless they are full of air we cease to live.

So much gets in the way of making God the air of our hearts (or heir to the throne in our hearts). Time gets away from us. Lies creep in. The enemy sends attacks. But…if we were fighting for air in our lungs…would we give up? Our instincts would certainly take over and we would will ourselves to do whatever we needed to in order to fill our lungs once more.

We must train our hearts to instantly pursue God – just as our lungs instantly take in air without having to tell our brains to make it happen the moment we are born. And we must train our hearts to never stop breathing Him in. Every second. Every morning. Every time we open our eyes, and every time we close them. He must be our air – our life – the one thing that keeps us going and the one thing that we could not truly live without. Oxygen helps us exist, it keeps our body alive. But God…He is what helps us LIVE. He is what will keep us alive even when our lungs finally give out.

I challenge you, dear friend, to never stop breathing Him in. Do whatever it is each day that you must do to keep your tank full of His presence. You might exist without Him and you can even live a little bit if you are squeezing Him in between “distractions.” But you will never truly live until He becomes your air.

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