We have reached a new year!

We are blessed to have a fresh start to make new goals!

I have never really been one to set goals at the beginning of the year ,but now I find it necessary. It’s always good to set goals at the beginning , so at the end you can see what you improved on.

This year my goals vary from work to health…

Here is a list of my goals for 2019…

1. Read more… Last year I never took the time to read and gain knowledge. This year I will take advantage of my spare time to pick up on my reading.

2. Write more… What is the point of gaining knowledge if you do not put it to use? Writing is the way I express myself best. This year I want to work on my passion for writing.

3. Cook! Cooking at home can truly save you some money and is a healthier option!

4. Become stronger! I already love to workout ,but this year I really want to focus on gaining strength!

5. Go to Greece! Going to Greece has been a dream of mine since I was a child! This year is the year I hope I can go!! ( Fingers Cross)

6. Save money. (Eye roll) I think we all hate budgeting.

8. Give more! To be blessed you have to be a blessing to others!!

9. Become more organized! I know how original… (HAHA) I want become more organized with my time. I want to plan my day out so I can have some type of accomplishment everyday.

10. Last but definitely not least… Putting God first this year. More time in prayer and studying His word.

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