If I Run ( Book Review )

If I Run by Terri Blackstock

Book Review by Kelsey Sharp


  Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you felt you could do nothing to change it but run away? You play out every option in your head, no result is good, so leaving everything and everyone you love behind is the only choice you have? Well that’s what it was like for Casey Cox. Her story begins when she walks in on her best friend dead in his house. Now her DNA is everywhere and she is the main suspect. Did she do it? No, but everyone and all the clues says she did. What does Casey do? She runs away leaving no trace of where is she heading . She doesn’t even know where she is heading. She just knows she has to get away.


One thing you must know about Casey is that she isn’t super religious. She isn’t sure if she believes in God or not. Along her journey she meets two people who help her believe more in God. One is a lady she meets on the bus who becomes a special person in her life. The other is a PI Dylan that is hired to find her, who is actually childhood friends to her best friend that was killed. They both believe in God.


After spending quite a bit of time with the lady on the bus and having brief communication with the PI, Casey’s faith begins to change throughout the book. At one point she says,


“For someone who doesn’t know if she believes in God, I’m sure aware of him a lot.”


Another time while talking with her mom:


“Those prayers are being answered, There is a God and he listens.”


This book is more than just a mystery (did Casey kill her friend), it’s about faith, finding yourself and finding comfort in knowing God will take care of you. Casey is trying to prove her innocence, while trying to stay alive and along the way opening herself to God and trusting in him. I believe it helps her a lot to have people on her side. Everyone needs praying friends or just praying people in general in their life and that’s is exactly what Casey has that helps her through her journey.


If I Run is Christian fiction and told through two different points of view, each chapter is either in Casey or Dylan’s POV. This makes the book even more interesting to read. This is just book one of a trilogy. I am currently reading book two, If I’m Found. Stay tuned for a review of that one and to learn more of Casey’s journey. Will they find her? Will they convict her if so? Will her faith in God grow more throughout the series? I can’t wait to find out.


P.s. I just might think there may be a budding romance with the PI throughout the latter part of the series, but you’ll have to read the books to find that out.

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