Weakness in the Situation

We are all creatures of habits. We hate change. We love the familiar and to feel safe. When we develop habits we then create routines. We will try the same routine to only get the same results.

Why do we refuse to change?

Are we that stubborn?

Sometimes life does not give you a choice if you want change or not… sometimes it just happens.

We may lose our jobs , a family member , our money , our house. It just happens .

We become frustrated when things don’t happen the way they normally do. This frustration causes a hindrance in our Growth in God.

In order to grow we have to adapt to change life throws at us. When life throws us a curve ball it might be God pointing us into a different direction.

Strength in the wrong place is weakness – T.D. Jakes 

Link to the book : https://amzn.to/2KtnnyU

We all need a wake up call to get out of our routines.

You might be the best at your job ,but you still lost the job.

You did not see this coming. Why would they let you go?!

A few weeks later a different company calls you with higher pay.

The skills , talents , and gifts maybe amazing , but the situation and the position you were in didn’t suit God’s plan for you.

In this thing called life we have a partnership with Jesus. Every plan or idea has to be ran  by him.  When you leave your partner in the dark your plans will not be fulfilled.

Let God Direct your path, Do not let the bad situation overshadow the promises of God.

Isaiah 43:2

Mark 11:24

Philippians 4:19

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