Every morning we wake up with a List in our minds waiting to be checked off. Whether it may be getting to work on time , working out , or cooking for our spouse. If we do not finish a task we put it off until tomorrow.

Our life goals is a different story…

Our life goals is something we deeply desire. It is something we pray for constantly.
We may think through out the day how much better our life maybe if we could just reach that goal. That breaking point. That next level.

Recently I have reach two goals of mine. Number one getting married and number two getting a job.

Once these goals were met I felt almost satisfied with life. It was like a big sigh of relief.

This is when I realized I have been seeking my goals more than My God.

I filled my head with worries that I would never get where I want to be , so I prayed and prayed about these things. Once I received what I needed I became comfortable with my prayer life.

I became stagnant. I didn’t want to press for more…

Why do we become so comfortable when we have so much peace in life?

Why do we stop preparing ourselves for the next chapter?

In our walks with God we do not receive a break or a resting point. Our relationship with God should be our full time job , but yet sometimes it feels like part time.

I am learning that only I can push myself closer to God. He is never going to force me to want more of Him in my life.

I always want to be hungry for more…

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Matthew 5:6


  1. “Our relationship with God should be our full time job.”.

    That’s a powerful thought! I don’t remember ever hearing it put quite that way but that was what Jesus was saying in Matthew when He said seek FIRST the Kingdom of God.This word was Holy Spirit fueled for my heart and mind this morning.. this is Jesus’word to “Follow me.”.


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