August Book List

1. The first book I recommend is Anxious for Nothing . This book is a great book for you if your life has been chaotic. We all have those nights where we stay up contemplating our lives. We start focus solely on our struggles. This book helps guide you on how to deal with those emotions. It helps you learn how to find the calm in the storm.

2. The second book I recommend is Relationships 101 . Lately I am really trying not to focus on myself. I want to be selfless. In order to be selfless you have to try to better your relationships in your life. This book gives amazing tips on how to better the relationships in your life.

3. The third book I recommend is Night . With all the books I try to read in a month I like to incorporate a book on history. Reading true stories helps me learn how to write stories of my own. This book is a story about based off the Holocaust. The book is based at the height of the Holocaust toward the end of World War Two.


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