Unopened Gifts

When we think of Birthdays , Christmas , or anniversaries gifts may pop up in our minds.

These special occasions people that care for us may surprise us with a gift or two.

Someone you love may took the time to pick a gift that suits you for your birthday. They spent the money. They drove through traffic to go to the store to purchase it. They wrapped it up with a big bow on top. They had you in mind during this whole process.

When this person hands you this gifts would you just keep it wrapped up in the box?

Definitely not…

So why do we leave God’s gifts unopened?

We keep them wrapped up in their boxes.

When God formed you He had Gifts ready for you to receive.

So why are we not willing to receive these gifts?

Maybe bad experiences ?

Maybe fear of the unknown ?

Maybe procrastination?

Maybe we think there is no time left?

We are human. We are going to make mistakes when we try to tap into our gifts. We shouldn’t let our bad experiences keep our gifts unopened.

Anytime we step into the unknown or we try something new fear may try to hold us back. When God is trying to take us to a new level it may feel uncomfortable , but that is when trusting God is important. You may not fully know what Is in the unopened box , but open it anyway.

If we spent the amount of time working toward our goals as we did making excuses we would make it to the finish line. Time is an irreplaceable resource. Once it is gone it is gone. Every morning we wake up is a gift from God. Don’t leave everyday as an unopened gift.

We all look back at one point in our life and sat where has the time gone? Time maybe irreplaceable ,but you shouldn’t continue wasting it away. Don’t be distracted by the past and try to focus on the future. Keep your eyes on the promises God has given you. Open up the gifts even if you received it late.

Recommend book for this topic : Destiny by T.D. Jakes


  1. “We shouldn’t let our bad experiences keep our gifts unopened.” Very good advice!

    Your post reminded me of a quote that I keep in mind- “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”
    -Earl Nightingale

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