Why do we allow setbacks get in our way of our future?

We accept failure so well. We make failure seem like it is God’s way of blocking us from reaching our goals. We began to question all of our passions and goals because of our setbacks.

When setbacks happen in our lives our possible thoughts are…

“Maybe it wasn’t meant to be”.

“I’ll try in a couple of years”.

“Maybe this is the life God intended me to have”.

It’s not often we think ,”I’ll try harder”.  Setbacks cause us to paralyze ourselves with fear. When we become paralyze with fear we begin to limit ourselves.

We began to accept the answer no. We began to accept living from paycheck to paycheck. We began to accept our health problems. We began to accept the problems in our marriage.

It is always easier to accept than to push ahead.

People can never envision their life beyond what it is right now. When you can’t envision you began to create doubt. Doubt causes fear and fear causes you to go no further.

Think of a married couple. They been having problems , so they decided to go to counseling. Counseling has been working out great for them , but then they have an argument. Should they let one setback affect their whole marriage or should they continue with counseling?

If the couple would picture pass the present moment they might could see a happy marriage. If they think in the present moment they will just see the heartache and pain from arguments.

We shouldn’t let setbacks control our outcome. We need to fight against our circumstances everyday. If we let fear paralyze into boundaries we will never know our full potential. Don’t limit yourself!

I run straight toward the goal to win the prize that God’s heavenly call offers in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 3:14

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