Skin Care

What type of cancer do most people get diagnosed with more than any other cancers? The answer is skin cancer. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the time they hit 70 years old. More than 5.4 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer were treated in the United States in 2012. Around 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Every hour one person dies of melanoma.

We obviously can not avoid the sun , but we can protect ourselves from the sun. If your are someone who is fair skin like me getting a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher is probably the best sunscreen for you. If you are a darker skin tone sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher can work for you. If you go outdoors for more than two hour reapplying sunscreen is so important. Most people only apply it once a day then become sunburn after being out side for long period of time.

This sunscreen is probably one of my favorites. I do not breakout from it.  My skin always stays clear while using it.

While I am doing yard work or working out outside I use this sunscreen. This sunscreen really protects your skin while you are outside for a long period of time.

Coola is a great organic sunscreen. It also has a high amount of vitamin A and E.

The body lotion I use is Supergoop. This bottle will last for a long time.


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