24 Things I have Learned

Since my 24th birthday was on March the 3rd I wanted to share some of the things I have learned in my life. These are in no particular order.

  1. Readers make leaders: I find writing comes easier when I have been reading books. I think a lot of times writer block comes from not reading enough. I always try to find new topics and new ways of explaining things through others writing.
  2. Early Bird gets the worm: The earlier I get up the more I get accomplish.
  3. Do the important things first: When you do the important things first in  your day the  quicker you will reach your goal. We tend to do the easier things first , but we should try to do the important things first.
  4. Saving Money: Try to keep money saved up for at least three months worth of bills in case of an emergence.
  5. Put positivity in your ears: Whether it’s preaching, teaching , or christian music they always help me get into a good mood.
  6. Learn from Elders: They went through so much in their lives. They may can give you advice that could hep better your life.
  7. Say you are sorry: When you say you are sorry even if you think you did nothing wrong makes you the bigger person. Continuing an argument will get you no where it is better to just end it.
  8. Don’t get easily Offended: The Bible talks about Christians shouldn’t get easily offended. The world is going to try to argue with us ,but we should stay strong in our faith.
  9. Health is important: Your health is not important just to you. I wanted to start being healthy so one day I can meet my great grandchildren. I want to be around for my family.
  10. Food is a temporary happiness: Once the food is gone the happiness from it is gone as well. All that is left is sugar and fat in your body.
  11. Be Kind : Being Kind cost you nothing. In fact making someone happy makes you happy.
  12. Be A Giver : When you give God will give to you.
  13. Drink Water : No one really likes drinking water , but the benefits from drinking it are great. Try drinking a cup every two hours from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.
  14. Material things: Material things will not make you happy. Once you get something you wanted you will eventually lose interest in it.
  15. Money:  Do not serve money, but use it as a resource to invest in your life.
  16. Past: Leave the past in the past. Try not to dwell on past mistakes.
  17. Fasting: Do not fast only for a blessing , but to better your relationship with Jesus.
  18. Ride or Die: Keep those people who will always be there for you close. Don’t let other people get in between those relationships.
  19. Study the Bible: When you study the Bible instead of just reading you will get a better understanding.
  20. Exercise: Exercise can be a stress relief if you let it. When you complain about having to do it all the time you will never want to do it.
  21. Speak Positively :  When  you speak positive things into your life you  will always be motivated to do more.   
  22. Enemies: Pray for your enemies. Doing this will help you let go of the anger you have towards them.
  23. Show Mercy: Be forgiving to others. We all make mistakes . We all say things or do things we wish we hadn’t done.
  24. God First: Last be certainly not least. Put God first in everything you do , and He will bless whatever you are trying to accomplish.

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