We vision our goals being met as if they have already happened. That is the reason we work so hard towards them. We can already picture them in our minds.

With hard work always comes failures and fears. When failures and fear set us back reality hits us. Then we realize we are not where we want to be in life. You try to remind yourself that you are bless , but you still want more.

You are not ungrateful for wanting more. Wanting more means you have a higher purpose. When God gives you a longing for something he is giving you a taste of a life with a higher purpose. He is showing you that your purpose is not impossible to fulfill.

What kills your determination?

  • Fear
  • Failure
  • Doubt
  • Circumstances
  • People

Homer H. Hickam Jr. in 1957 had a dream to send rockets to outer space. At the age of fourteen his friend and him began to build rockets. Full of fear and doubts that his rockets would never launch properly. Failure after Failure.

Everyday Homer woke up and seen the circumstances he was in at the time. From Homer’s bedroom window he could the black steel tower that sat over the shaft of the coalmine where the men of his town worked. Homer’s home was just a few hundred yards from the coalmine’s entrance. Homer would watch the men coming and going to the coalmine for work day after day.

Homer could have given into his circumstances , but he let it motivate him. He did not want be like every other man in his home town. He wanted a higher purpose. He wanted to go against the odds set before him.

Your circumstances do not define your purpose. People in your life might even try to convince you that your circumstances is all you are going to become.

Homer’s dad tried to convince Homer that making rockets was just a dream that would never happen. His dad tried to make him believe that all he would amount to was a coal miner. Homer had to overcome the thoughts his father placed in his head. He had to make himself believe that was not his purpose in life. He pushed past his failures , circumstances ,and doubts with his passion for rockets.

At the end of the Homer’s book he wrote about his rocket launching nearly six miles in the sky within 44 seconds. That was just the beginning of Homer Hickam Jr. success story.

The person that quits after a setback is not Destiny Bound. – T.D. Jakes

People only see your success . They never see the process.

The story of Homer Hickam Jr. reminds me of Noah. Noah completely trusted in the Lord. He built an Ark that was 420 feet in length and 45 feet in height. Everyone was against him. Everyone doubted him. Homer and Noah had to look past the circumstances they were in at the time and work towards their purpose.

Work willingly at whatever you do , as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people . Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward , and that the Master you are serving is Christ. – Colossians 3:23-24 (NLT)

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  1. The line that resonated with me most is “People in your life might even try to convince you that your circumstances is all you are going to become.”

    In finding Christ, I found so much change in perspective and purpose. In moving on my own, I’ve been able to become the decision maker, rather than to have family and friends do it for me. I decided to trust the instructions that God placed before me to do in all aspects of my life: relationships, education, passions, etc. At first it was so overwhelming, until I fully trusted God to be the head of my life. When you truly believe that He knows best for you and your life, you can never go wrong!

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