Gift into Purpose

When I was a young child in the second grade reading was difficult for me. I couldn’t spell out words. When I tried to read I would skip over sentences and words. I would stay on one page of a book for 30 minutes at a time .

Not being able to read caused me to repeat the second grade. My mother seen my struggle , and tried to find a way to help my reading skills.

In my room I had a bookcase filled with Judy B. Jones books. Every night my mother would grab a book off the bookcase and gave it to me. She had me read out loud to her before bedtime.

After doing this for months my reading improved. It got to the point where I was reading on my own without my mother. I began to fall in love with books and stories. It fascinated me that writers could form stories out of their own thoughts.

As I became older my curiosity turned into action. One day a found a thin silver notebook in my room , and I began to write in it. I formed small chapters throughout my notebook. Each chapter was based on verses and topics from the Bible. My dream was to take this small notebook and make it into a book one day.

Writing was just natural to me. It is my gift , talent , and passion.

Each of us have something that comes natural to us. Whether it is sports, numbers , words, or fixing things. These gifts maybe natural to us ,but hard to others. When others are doing something that comes natural to you wrong you may become irritated. Why? Because it is your passion.

I remember having to write a paper for English class was something I enjoyed. Other kids moaned and groaned about it.

As a college student majoring in nursing majority of the other students loved Biology. I just tried to pass every test. I was forcing myself to do something that was not natural to me.

God gave us all gifts and talents. When He made each of us He wanted us to have a purpose in life. Your gifts and talents are suppose to help lead you to your purpose.

People often confuse a gift with purpose. My gift is writing , but I was trying to make nursing my purpose. I made excuse as to why I didn’ t want to turn my gift into my purpose.

My excuses were : I didn’t want people reading what I wrote , I didn’t want to get made fun of , and I didn’t want to look dumb. The pain of disapproval or criticism is something we all fear.

In order to make your gift into your purpose you have to be bold and courageous. You have to take the pain others cause you , because God’s approval is more important than their approval.

Sometimes I look at the silver notebook that I wrote in at the age of thirteen. Something that always surprises me is my style of writing hasn’t changed. My writing has grown , but my style of writing has not.

We each have our own style , rhythm , or uniqueness. There maybe a million writers in the world , but none of them write like me. There maybe a million of people who have the same gift as you , but they do not have your style.

And we know that causes everthing to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose – Romans 8:28

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  1. Really love this piece! And I too had to convince myself to keep writing regardless of who would read or who would like it. It’s funny because I’ve told myself also that while everyone may be a writer, God gives you your own unique voice and avenue. Keep on pursuing your passions of writing and nursing and you will see the positive end result. 👏🏽

  2. That is very inspirational and encouraging. I am a writer as well, and have always felt it just come naturally. I love to just sit down and scribble down a few lines to see what can come to my brain at the time.
    I always doubt whether I really am a good writer, though. I have the same fears of people making fun of me. Someday I plan to publish a book. It sounds scary now, putting myself out there, but we shall see where it takes me!

    1. It doesn’t matter whether you are a great writer right now. The only thing that matters is you are willing to grow and work towards greatness. My grammar and spelling is terrible , but I constantly try to improve myself. We all need to work on something.

  3. This is a very thoughtful and timely reminder for me, sitting here procrastinating again! Unfortunately I have to put time and effort into my career before I can spend more time on my gifts or talents, but this has given me a push to stop procrastinating and wasting time!

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