Stay Connected

Everyone wants to feel loved by someone. We just want someone to show us they care. Someone to talk to. We want people to encourage us.

What happens when we don’t receive these things?

We become vulnerable , self-conscious , and lonely. We think , ” what is wrong with me.” Constantly criticizing ourselves.

At one point of my life I wanted anyone to love me. To show me they care. I never felt love from family or friends in my life.

This point in my life I started college . Eventually someone talked to me. This person told me he loved me . He spent time with me.

In my mind this is what Love feels like. As months passed by dating this person I stop praying and attending church. I became a person I told myself I would never be.

I loved this person so much that I overlooked the way he treated me . I was afraid to Lose him.

After years of dating this person I could finally end the relationship. I felt that God had something better for me. I had to separate myself from this person to hear what God was trying to tell me.

Months after ending the relationship God blessed me with a new relationship. He gave me someone that truly loves me ,but more importantly loves God.

What I have learned from this is to always stay Connect with God no matter what you are going through. Talk to Him everyday.

Sometimes we feel so far away from God. He seems unreachable. Even when we are still living in sin God still loves us. His love never changes or fails us. God will always listen when you call out to Him.


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