Hundred times or more I have set goals. In fact , I set a goal to have this written yesterday ,but it never happened.

Do you do the same thing?

Everyday we make plans to accomplish different tasks. We become more and more frustrated ,because we never meet our goals.

These tasks become our life. Most of us wake up with everyday planned out. Half the things we planned we do not finish.

Why do we never finish our commitments ?

We can say it’s Procrastination. Sometimes life just gets in the way. All of this could be true ,but maybe we should just look at what we our committed to.

What are your commitments?

Commit your work to the Lord , and your plans will be Established. – Proverbs 16:3

My Next Question…

Is what you working on pleasing to the Lord?

Or is it just to please yourself?

If we ever want our plans to be established we have to put God first.  This is something I stuggle with everyday. I just want to go through my daily list and put check marks by everything.

God will provide time for us to finish commitments if we place it in His hands first. He will also give direction on which steps to take.

Whatever your dreams and plans are in life let them be a reflection of God. Commit to God first.


  1. “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.’. Proverbs 3:5-6 are so encouraging with this last word. It’s easy to get disappointed and bummed from apparent waste of time and lack of accomplishments at the end of the day but Jesus said to hook into His harness. He won’t drive us or be disappointed in us. He said He is meek and lowly of heart and we will find rest for our souls. He is the author and finisher of our faith. I’m learning it’s in the small course corrections throughout my day: my attitude, my thoughts, my reactions to my reactions that I find the Holy Spirit is working His transforming power in my life. It is less about what I do in my day as it is who I am becoming within each moment of my day. Am I more surrendered to the love of my Father? Am I still being overwhelmed by the kindness and sweetness of Jesus? Am I hearing the Holy Spirit passing along words of encouragement and creative ways I can love people around me?

  2. Amen! Commit to him first and utmost! Thank u Jesus! Oh you have a little grammatical error in stanza 7 its supposed to be What are your commitments? 😊 blessings to you in Jesus Name! Great post as per usual.

  3. Amen, I agree with you! I’ve been working on giving what I do to Him especially my writing projects/blog. He has been so helpful with inspiring ideas, and showing me how to work in breaks (last weekend, I didn’t write at all, and now know I was burning myself out by not taking a break).

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