Your Purpose 

It is hard for some people to find their niche or purpose in life. We are not all meant to be pastors , singers , missionaries,  youth leaders, and so forth. When we look at the church body it seems like there’s only a few roles to fill. The mindset of having such small possibilities of being used in a church family can cause people to be stagnant. When people feel a part of the church family is when they’re being used in a church family. 

 We may not know what our purpose is in God, but I am sure we all want to be used by God… 

Ask yourself what is the one thing that keeps you motivated about doing God’s work?

Are you reaching the lost by doing it? 

Are you finding joy by doing it? 

Are you helping others by doing it? 

I ask these questions ,because doing a work for God is beneficial for everyone. God may not have called us to be preachers ,but he did call us to be salt and light. (Matthew 5:13-16)

So , is the one thing you are focusing on beneficial to you , others, and the kingdom of God? 

What are you spending your time on most days? 

What are you working towards? 

Other people have to many priorities on their plate. We should all have one main purpose. It is okay to do different things in life . It’s  when other priorities hinder your main purpose. If you hinder your main purpose then you will be set yourself back on the path towards your goals. Our focus should be on what God has provided us with to go forth on our path towards our goals. Sometimes we want to do everything ,but God had certain people for certain task. Different tasks might not be your task ,so let it go. 

If you don’t know your purpose ask yourself , “what is my talent?”

What are you good at?

For me , I love writing. That is why I made this blog. That is why many of you made blogs. It is a place where we can talk about what is on our minds ,but it is also a place where we can spread God’s word. If you think about it , God’s Word was made by people writing their stories. 

When thinking about your purpose don’t be so closed minded. Think outside the box if you have too. 

The problem with many churches is they have  everything in a box. Only certain people can get into certain boxes. It is often discouraged to think outside the box. When we discourage people to think outside the box , we also discourage their dreams and visions. 

People in the church have ideas , but also think that their ideas cannot have a part into the church’s traditional roles. 

Don’t be discouraged to think outside the box. We serve the creator of Heaven and earth ,so it makes sense that He would want us to be creative too. 


  1. True . . . I may be a ditch digger, but if I perform my task as a form of worship to the God of all Ages, then I glorify the Lord, even if before the eyes of men I may be unworthy

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