Do Not Turn Around 

1 King 13 

This chapter in the Bible speaks about a man who had a word from the Lord to give to Jeoboam. The man gave the word to Jeoboam , and Jeoboam yelled out , “seize him.” Jeoboam hand then dried up. Jeoboam ask the man to pray for God to heal his hand , and it was healed after the man prayed. Jeoboam wanted the man to come to his house and eat with him. The man then told him that God did not want him to eat or drink with him. God also did not want the man to return from the way he came , so the man took another path. 

At this time in the story the man was obedient to God. He did the task which God asked him to do then continued on the path God wanted him to go. 

Often when God uses us we like to live off that blessing and not move forward. 

God wants to take us deeper and farther ,so we can not just stay in the same place. 

Go to the next level…

There are more blessings to come…

The story  continues with a prophet hearing about the man. The prophet wanted the man to come to his house after finding out about him. The prophet looked and found man on the path that God wanted him to go on. The prophet then asked the man to come back to his house to eat and drink with him. The man refused again saying he could not go back where he came from ,because the Lord told him not to. The prophet then lied to the man saying that God told him that God wanted the man to come back to his house. After eating and drinking at the prophet’s home the man left. As he was going down the road a lion came and killed him. 

As you go into new levels with God the enemy will try to get you to turn back around. He will lie to you ,so you will turn around. The enemy will convince you to go back to your old ways.

Sometimes it is not even the enemy that tries to get you to turn around ,but instead it’s people you knew from your old life . 

People that are in the same place you were at a year ago.

People that never change or grow. 

These are the people that want you to go back for their benefit. We need to know who are the liars and  manipulators in our lives. 

Recognize who these people are in your life , because they will try to get you to look away from your future , and have you focus on your past. 


  1. Man, you’ve got that right! The last six mini-paragraphs of your post really spoke to me. You never really suspect the devil is, in fact, the wolf in sheep’s clothing even though the Bible warns us of this. Those close to us can ensnare us worse than strangers lurking in the bushes, so to speak. Thanks for an insightful post! Loved it!

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