Be the Change

This world is full opportunities. God given us knowledge , talents , gifts , and power over earth.  We can have all the knowledge in the world. We could have amazing talent. We could have extraordinary gifts. We could have all of theses things , but what difference would it make if we didn’t put it towards God’s purpose for our lives.

People at times use their talents and gifts for their benefit instead of God’s. We always want something whether it be money or praise for our accomplishments. We don’t realize these accomplishments are not ours to begin with .

God gave us  gifts, talents , and a creative mind. He wanted all of us to be useful to His kingdom. He wants us to create things that better the world and spread his love.

In our generation we use social media all day long. We constantly scrolling up and down looking at new trends. With the images we find on social media it has us believing that nothing Godly can come from it. 


What if we change the images of what people see in a Day? 

What if Christians started making the new trends?

What if Christians became as creative as Mark Zuckerberg ?

And my last question…

Why do Christians limited themselves?

We have the power to take something that is of this world and have a positive impact on it. We say the scripture ” I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me” . But do we put it into action? If we can put God’s purpose first with our gifts , talents , and the creative mind God gave us we could make a great difference in the world.



  1. Great thought! Attended a teen service with daughter and grandaughter. Their theme was “Be a voice”. Your post made me think of that. We certainly need to be a light for the Lord.:)

  2. Why do Christians limit themselves? Awesome question! Christians should be leading the pack rather than the world. We should be providing the best rather than the world. Mediocrity is not spiritual. (I’m very passionate about this if you can’t tell, lol.)

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