The Source 

God the creator. He made to Heavens and Earth. The sun and the moon. The trees and the planets. He created all the animals swimming , crawling, and walking . He made you and me. ( Genesis 1:1-27).

God provided all of the resources we need since the beginning of time. In fact, He allowed us to be in control of all things on Earth. ( Genesis 1:26). He gave us the position to take what He has provided and use it for His glory. 

A lot of times we pray for money , jobs , relationships, or just a way out of a situation. We never really look at the resources God has already provided. Whether it maybe a connection to someone that get you a job , a book that can provide you understanding , or maybe a friend that has some wisdom on an experience. We always look inward to our emotions , but we never look outwards for answers. 

God made us in his image. (Genesis 1:27). God wanted us to be like Him in all his ways.  He wants us to be creators like Him. God wants us to be creative like He was when He created us. 

We look at things we lack and ask God to provide for us. We should look around and see what God has already provided us. If we can’t use what we have why would God give us more. God will not give us more than we can handle. We can ask God to provide us with money or a job , but what if we asked God to provide us with an idea with what resources we already have instead? 

Asking God for a plan to get money or a job can bring you to new levels in your life. It can open up more doors for you and others. By God giving you a plan can allow you to one day be a resource to others with whatever you created in your life. 


  1. Such a good reminder, to focus on what God’s already given and prepared for us! Finding contentment in all things is a great discipline, and one that would lead us to praise God for what He has done more than begging Him to do more!

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