They Don’t Understand 

In a world filled with people of all different religions , colors , backgrounds, and opinions. We tend to only see things the way we want to see them. People may not get you. You might be look at differently , but didn’t God call us to be different? 

Walking through the school halls and classrooms filled with kids my age that think the same way and do the same things. They talk about parties they went to or what bar they are going to this weekend. I am just the girl in the corner with her bible in her backpack. 

People don’t understand why I have chosen to live the way I do. They think I am wasting my 20s away. I have to remind myself that they don’t understand,and they don’t know what I have is greater. 

People just won’t understand that my purpose for God is greater than any career , boyfriend, hobby , or money. His love is like no other. Though I have fallen down many times I have chosen to get up and push forward. By doing this my future will be blessed,because it is in his hands. 


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