Money. I am slowly trying to learn how to manage money. Every two weeks I get paid I put some away in my saving then pay my bills. After that I try to live off of 200 hundred dollars for two weeks. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t…

I am so focus on moving at the end of this year or beginning of next year. I am learning how to build up credit. I am learning how to get a loan . I am learning how to save. I am learning how to live with just my needs and not my wants. This is a never ending process of learning…

I wish in high school they would have taught us more on how to handle money and building up our credit. You get to the age of 18 and you go to college thinking you have all the knowledge you need. Thinking that college is all it’s going to take. Being an adult takes so much more.

I find myself studying how to get my money right as much as I study for class.

I know I might come off as greedy or money hungry, but I also want to give as much as receive. I also at the point in my relationship where we want to get married. Getting financially stable before marriage seems close to impossible.

Even though I am having a hard time I will try to keep my head up and work hard. At the end of the day all you can do is put everything into God’s hands.


  1. chuck341

    I recommend checking out Mr. Money Mustache if you haven’t already. He and his wife retired at age 30. He shares so much awesome stuff about how to cut your debt and increase your wealth.


  2. smallbudgetlady

    Hello, I’ve started my blog not that long ago but I think that my posts could help you a bit, I live on my own for two years as a student and I know how difficult it could be to live on budget but I’m doing quite well with managing my money, feel free to have a look even that there’s not much there yet but I’ll be posting regularly 🙂 xxx

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  3. ProBaron

    Managing money isn’t a big deal. Their are certain things you need to know.
    1. Money has life, it can sense people that’s why money hardly stays in the hands of a poor man but multiply in the hands of a rich man. So you must change your perspective about money
    2. Money stay with those that invest them into something.

    I mentor people in entrepreneurship and teach how to become great business men

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  4. Brandon Adams

    “I wish in high school they would have taught us more on how to handle money and building up our credit.”

    I wish this as well. As a former high school math teacher, there is an enormous pressure to get students into the algebra tree in order to route as many of them to the upper scientific fields as possible. Practical math skills are usually a whole different class.

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    1. girlychristian

      In school math was my weaker subject , but in your everyday life you really need to know math. I didn’t realize that as a teenager , so I just passed with Cs. I think if students ,like me, were shown how much they need to know math they might put more effort into it.

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  5. Light Ministry Blog

    You do not come off sounding greedy to me…it sounds like you are beginning to get things together in life. If you continue in this way, even though it may be hard, you will develop great money management skills which will help you for your entire life. And always pray to God for His help!



      1. Light Ministry Blog

        You put in the effort, and God will help guide you…always. He may seem absent at times, or quiet in your life. But He has promised that He will never leave nor forsake His obedient children. Walk with God and pray often!!



  6. fathergodlovesyou

    Great job, you’ve set the ball in motion! Ask the Holy Spirit to infill you with His gifts of self control, and patience to help you get to your target. Then ask God and ask big because if you have more money you can bring glory to Him by giving some of it away. God bless ❤


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