Learn from the Wise 

Sometimes God sends certain people in your life to remind you of his word…

The other day I went to a local market to get my usual items. The guy that works there always chitchats with me as I check out. He noticed the ring on my right hand. He then asked the normal question I get. “Are you engaged?” I then smiled and said no.

The ring I wear on my right hand is my grandmother’s old ring that she had given me before she had past away. I then explained to him why I wear it. After that the unexpected happen. I could kind tell he was getting emotional.

He then told me that his grandmother had pasted away just four months ago. He began to kinda smile when he talked about her. His grandmother did not have much ,but she loved to sing. He spoke about how she could never forget a face even at the age of 101. He then said something I would never forget.” Memories are better than any material item”.

He is so right. His memory of his grandmother’s joy will always be with him

I remember how I loved going to my grandmother’s house ,and just listen to stories of her life. The tough times she went through ,but still made it through.

Often I see people who don’t look to our elders as the gift that they are. ( 1 Timothy 5:17)

Our elders have been through wars, financial problems, heart breaks, pain , and fear. They seen people come and go ,but yet so many of them have joy and know how to love others.

Elders are the ones who we should learn from. Elders are the ones who God wants us to learn from. ( Hebrews 13:17) (James 5:14)


  1. Light Ministry Blog

    A beautiful ring…and a wonderful story. We can learn a lot from our elders, that’s why our God tells us to listen to them and pay them respect! Thanks for sharing this one.


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  2. Rick Christensen

    A good reminder! So many of our elderly live in assisted living or nursing homes where they face a variety of challenges. Loneliness, separation from family, emotional and physical, yet in so many cases, they have so much to offer and share. Let us communally pray for their peace, comfort and recognition. Thank you !


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