Sin is Sin 

Luke 7:37-50 , John 8:1-11

These verses are about stories where Jesus had forgiven women for the sins they have done. Often women are condemned so harshly for their past mistakes more than men. It is not lectured to young men to not have premarital sex like it is to women…but isn’t sin, sin? No matter who commits it?

I ,of course, as a Christian don’t believe that ANYONE should have premarital sex. It should be taught to young men as it is taught to young women. It is as much a sin for one as it is for the other. Gender doesn’t change what God considers sin. I have heard in the past from “Christians” that it is not the same for young women to have premarital sex as it is for young men. How can we as Christians expect women to be saved if they always feel judged for sins that have already been forgiven. We have to remember we are not the judge ,but God is . (James 4:12)

Being a Christian means to be Christ like. So if we are suppose to be Christ like we should have mercy and forgiveness for people just as he did. “So when they continue asking him, he lifted up himself ,and said unto them, ‘ He that us without sin among you , let him first cast a stone at her’ ” (John 8:7). We all have sinned and failed ,but we have a loving God that forgives ALL of us. (Romans 3:23-24) ( Lamentations 3:22-23)


  1. Wally Fry

    If a thought from a quite grown man is not out of place here on your blog, I would like to leave one.

    First, I absolutely agree with what you have said. Both sexes should be taught the Biblical guidance concerning pre- marital sex.

    The only thing I would add is that, since God apparently gave boys and men and more driving interest in this, perhaps we should emphasize responsibility and pure living MORE with boys and young men.

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