Risk is Faith 

I believe that the core of being a Christian is having faith. Having faith can be hard. Having faith when you have no money ,because He is the provider. Having faith when others question him , because He is your best friend. Having faith when you lost a love one ,because He is your comfort. Having faith when everyone is against you , because He is love.

Being a Christian isn’t the easy path , but the right one. Faith takes action , and that is where the risk comes in. The risk is to trust Him to lead you in the right direction. When you are unsure about a new career move in your life. Trust Him. When you are going into a different direction in your ministry. Trust him. When you have to move your family to a different state because of a job. Trust Him.

Just like Noah ,everyone might not agree with you . The odds don’t look like they are in your favor , but build the ark anyway. Hold on to your faith , because your rainbow is coming. 


  1. Amen! We must do as the word says, else He will say, “I never knew you.” So few Christians apprehend that salvation is not just going to heaven; it’s allowing God to have His way in us (which is another way of saying we must do as the word says (James ch 1) and do the will of our Father in heaven (Matt. 7:21) so that His fruit may be produced, that ALL may see and receive Christ. God bless you, and thank you for reading and following The Lord Is With Us.


  2. Great post. It’s not the easy path, at least it doesn’t appear to be from our viewpoint. I can only imagine from God’s viewpoint how other paths for our lives, that we think are good, really look to him…they probably are a lot worse off and we can never see it. We just have to trust his heart and goodness for our lives! God bless!!

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