Putting God First

People find it so hard to put God first in there life. You may wonder how do I live my life putting God first in all areas of my life? It may come to a surprise to you that it is actually hard for everyone. You are not alone! Yes , you are not the only one that may have went a whole day without praying. When the day is ending we realize we haven’t spent time with the Lord.
You have to remember that you are human ,and you have to fight your flesh just like the rest of us. When you mess up or even see you are not fully committed to God it can be a good thing. A good thing?! How?! It can be a good thing ,because you are noticing you are not doing your best. If you notice it then you can fix it!
When we have to get up and get dressed to go to the gym we dread it. After the workout is over then we feel great! We feel great , because we accomplished something that can improve us. Yes , every morning you may dread it ,but as you start seeing your body looking better it starts making you look forward to gym. Okay… maybe you don’t look forward to the gym ,but the change in your body does encourage you to push yourself more into getting your goal.
This is just like your relationship with God. Yes , it may be hard to sit down and read the bible page after page. Yes, it is hard to pray for long time. It is not going to be easy. We have to fight temptation and distractions everyday.
Start off small read one chapter of the Bible a day and pray for 5 minutes a day.  Then keep adding on to it every week. As you do this you will feel yourself getting closer and more in touch with God. This will give you the boost you need to keep improving your relationship with God. Just pray little prayers through out the day ; this will give you the reinsurance that God is there and all you have to do is speak to him.
How do you put God first in all aspects of your life ? Just take a look at all the major areas in your life. Money , school ,job , relationships, and decisions you must make. Yes , you need to pray over all of these ,but if any of these are hindering your relationship with God you need to make some changes.

● Money is the reason most of us work so hard. We get our paychecks once a week or every two weeks and think to ourselves this is for all the hard work I have done. We all so badly want to be blessed financially. We will pray and pray for one ,and which you should. We never stop and think what could I do myself for God to bless me financially? Great faith is shown through action. Giving your tithing and to others in need you will become blessed. I think God wants to see you be giving with your money ,so that it proves you trust him with your money. You might only have made hundred dollars this week, and you give $10 in tithing that is showing your faith in God. Even though you only have one hundred dollars, you will give what belongs to God ,and that’s how you will become blessed. ( Leviticus 27:30 , Deuteronomy 14:22-26 , Proverbs 3:9)

● When I first started college my mind and life revolved around. Every prayer I prayed , every time of the day I spent think how I was going to get through every semester. I would pray everyday for God to help me to pass every class. I started to conviction, because that’s all I prayed about. It consumed me. God helped me realized that there are people that need my prays. People that are lost in this world. I realized also that I just have to give my worries to Him ,and let it go. We spend our days worried about our jobs and school. We worry and are consumed with earthly things. ( Matthew 6: 19-21) 

● People that we are so close to often hinder our relationship with God. We wouldn’t like to think they do ,but if you would do anything to please these people you are putting them first. You should want to do anything and everything to please God. I remember when my boyfriend and I started our relationship. We would talk from day to night. From as soon as I got up til I went to bed. God then helped me see the error of my ways. Shouldn’t he be the first person you want to talk to ? So with this question in my mind I try to do my best to pray to God first. As soon as you get up try to give a few minutes to God. It will help you start your day off positively. Just look at all of the people in your life. Do you think you put them before God? Pray for God to help you see if you are putting others before him. He will reveal to you, as he revealed to me what he wants from you. 


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