Speaking Positivity into Existence

Negativity. It surrounds us everyday , all day. It is almost hard to escape. We watch the news , we go though Facebook , or look at magazine. All of these things that we call “entertainment”. Should this be our so called entertainment? We like these things in our lives so much that it almost seems we enjoy the negativity that comes along with it.

We are always so quick to complain in our lives. Some or even most of us complain all day , and don’t even notice that we are doing it. Negativity we speak into to our lives we accept it as being the new normal. We have all said things like, “of course this has to happen to me” or ” well, that is just my luck”.  What if we turn the negatives to positives? What would happen? Maybe we might become happier people. Try to find positive things in your life. Maybe someone in your life makes you happy  , and they are always up beat. Try to spend more time with them. Maybe you need to find something that can become a hobby. A really great way to bring positivity into your life is to give your services to others. Cook a meal for the widow husband next door. Give a toy to a child in living in property. Watch a single mother’s children for a few hours to give her a break. Go listen to an elderly person’s stories. Seeing the happiness you bring to others will also bring joy into your life.

Yes, we have people in our lives that love to complain. They love when you might be in a tough spot in life , so that you both can complain together. My mother would always say that I have low self-esteem and depression. Even when I was happy. Instead of praying against it , she would speak it into my life. People like this I have learned you need to limit your time with them. Pray against the words they may speak into your life . Pray that God will take away the words they have spoken in your mind. DO NOT accept people’s words in your life if it is used to cause you harm. DO NOT let words define who your are!

Here are some verses to you can pray over your life:

Philippians 4:7

Psalms 34:14

Luke 1 :79

Psalm 29:11

Psalms 46 :1-3 , 138:7 , 18 : 2 , 55:22

Isaiah 41:10

Psalms 33:21 , 30:11 , 146:5

Job 22:26

Micah 7:8-9

Romans 15:13




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